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Location, location, location...

"What?" and "When?" have been long since decided for Miami's XLIV Superbowl. Most recently the Saints have answered "Who (Dat)?" but this begs yet another deeply reflective question: "Where?"
This is turning out to be a rather personal decision- where do you want to remember the first Saints' Superbowl victory of all time? Here are a few takes.

First let's discuss the obvious: Sun Life Stadium.
Think 76,500 screaming fans by your side sounds like a life-long memory of history in the making? Well, Miami might be your place. Here's the catch: each one of those pricey tangerine seats isn't only reserved for Saints fans-you'll be watching the game right alongside just as many of your horseshoe clad enemies. The home of the Dolphins is sure to be nothing like larger than life Superdome atmosphere. Your yelps and chants will be met with just as many for the opposition. This sad but true fact that leaves me to imagine the frustration of attending Dome fans who are used to a mere lull of a crowd surmounting the decibel rating of a jet engine.
On the other hand many N'awlinians plan to hitch a ride to Miami and simply camp out during the game. Three words: "Open Container Law." If you plan on joining in and tailgating this way make sure to plan ahead. Otherwise the only waves you'll be catching by South Beach are those broadcast on sports FM while you're sitting in three hours of game day traffic. But is Miami's ultra cool, spendy, trendy, Latin vibe really conducive to the Big-Easy energy radiating from our black and gold hearts?

I think most of us local folks realize where party's real capital city is. Bourbon Street is sure to excite, amuse, and booze you to the fullest. Find yourself sitting on a ripped bar stool surrounded by the United Nation of Who Dat and plentiful liquid enthusiasm just a pinky's reach away. Now this is where it's at! Plus you'll be centimeters away from post-game celebration, or a group therapy session of drowning sorrows.

As for me, I'll be parked on my couch with an Abita in one hand and a golden rabbit's foot in other, waiting for the New Orleans Saints' answer to the last burning question: "Why?"
Answer: Victory!

By Lauren Siegel