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Heart Breaking News for the Who Dat Nation

Who dat say it's a violation to sell our home team's slogan on t-shirts, flags, and stickers? The NFL that's who.
Apparently right after the Saints defeated the Vikings last weekend the National Football League set forth on an attempt to trademark the beloved phrase that so many NOLA fans sport on signs, chests, bumpers, and flags. The NFL is currently pushing to officially license "Who Dat?" in the state of Florida. The worst part about the situation is that booming local businesses who offer unique "Who Dat?" apparel are being audited by NFL reps with the following ultimatum: destroy the gear or pay up. This suggestion would mean a gigantic loss for shops like Fleurty Girl and Storyville, and the local fan gear economy would be about as stimulating as Chad Ochocinco's autobiography. Something tells me this will be a fight for the courts...
So what to say about a uber-powerful corporation's effort to exploit a chant from a longstanding cultural tradition, beaten and battered, and risen from the debris? Well, I'll start by saying that this debacle is even more absurd than Paris Hilton's recent legal appropriation of the term "That's Hot" (c).

There's only one last comment to make here...Hey NFL- "F*** Dat!"
Oh, sorry boys, I've already copyrighted that one.

by Lauren Siegel

For more info see story here.
Image: Who Dat Scarf by Sarah Ott found at Feet First