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7 and 0, 9 to GO!!

7 and “0”, 9 to GO!!!
Todd M. Bourgeois

Last night was a turning point in the history of the Saints franchise. For only the second time in the teams’ history, the Saints are 7-0! With 9 games to go in the regular season, is it too early to whisper or even talk about 16-0 regular season??

Drew Brees’ surgical precision and wide receivers that look like they each had trampolines in their shoes made our lives a lot nicer!! Even Shockey, whom we all know is quite large, look like a ballet dancer and magician as he leaped and ever so gracefully-if there is such a thing as grace with a 6ft 6 man weighing 280 lbs-hitting the ground without losing concentration and catching a key pass in the game. Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell running like the bulls in Pamplona Spain each year left 3 falcons with concussions-so says their own team website!!! Can we get better-sure! Can we lose-if we get overconfident? Hey Reggie- next time you say we can win all the games we have left, why not contribute something to the game. That TD you scored on that misdirection play, my 3 yr old could have run that in! Shut up and play-that’s what you get paid to do!
Oh yeah, don’t tackle people on offense, that’s why they call holding penalties on you!!

16-0 is a dream- it’s a dream that has only happened twice- once by the 1972 Miami Dolphins, whom went on to perfect season and a Super Bowl win- and then there is New England from a few years back-18-0 going into the Superbowl and then losing to a miracle catch thrown from a New Orleans boy- Eli Manning- and completing a miracle season for the Giants while the Patriots are now obscured as the undefeated team that LOST its chance at perfection! Herein lies the question- which team will we be? But we still have a long way to go!

In a few weeks, another rocking Monday night game, New England comes to town. We all should realize that they will not lie down and they will be gunning for us- Brady, Moss, Welker-I have a funny suspicion that they too will show us that we are not the only ones that can throw the ball all over the field. Don’t be surprised if the game is in the 60’s, that’s 65-63, with who knows winning. I’m not saying we will lose already, but Carolina is on the horizon and there are still tough teams to beat even before the Pats come with guns a blazin!!.

Always remember what my grandfather says…”You can tell me about the labor, but show me the baby…”….we are still in labor and we have 9 more weeks to go! We can’t show off the baby just yet!