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One GIANT Step: Saints vs Giants

By: Todd M. Bourgeois

With all the hype that surrounded this past Sunday’s clash between the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and the previous cellar dweller of the NFC South division from 2008 New Orleans Saints, you might have thought that this was David vs. Goliath and that New York would simply overpower New Orleans.

I mean, we should expect that to happen-New York has 10 Million people on one little island and near 20 million in the entire state-the entire state of Louisiana only has 3 million! The sheer numbers game is enough to scare anyone-but not us!

A community and team built on resilience and strength, sweat and tears, stood strong and simply ran away with the game and quite frankly, stomped on the pride of those New Yorkers we so muck love to hate.

As we watched a hometown boy done well-Eli Manning- we could see that he couldn’t stop pouting as we consistently knocked him around like his older brothers did when he was five. Eli needed four sets of eyes to help him as the Saints relentless pass rush put Eli on edge and at many times, had him running around like his father Archie back in the day of the “Aints”.

With this big win and show of strength, the future is bright for our hometown Saints. But lets be cautious, even though the Vegas odds makers have us as favorites in every game left on the schedule, we still have some tough competition-Atlanta- Carolina-these teams always play us tough, not to mention the rejuvenated New England Patriots who come calling on the Saints to the dome in a few weeks which could possibly end in a 100-100 tie with the way Brees and Brady are throwing the ball!!

Expectations are high-fans are juiced-but as my grandfather would say-“You can tell me about the labor, but show me the baby..” New Orleans has just started to go into labor; it’s a long season of pushing before us!!