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"FISH" Fry!!

“FISH” Fry!!
Todd M. Bourgeois

As Ricky Williams scored on his career long run of 68 yards, you got the feeling as a Saints fan that once again, kind of like our other passion, the LSU Tiger Football team, that day games in opponents stadiums are death traps and that no matter what the cost, both Saints and LSU, for that matter, should fork over the bucks and pay the NFL and NCAA whatever they want in order to play at night- then a cool “Brees” hit Miami.

If you saw the QB sneak at the end of the second quarter, and watched the negotiation between Brees and Coach Sean Payton, and then saw Payton run to the official on the sideline and tell the ref “We are sneakin it!!”….and then give the ref the always comforting “pat on the butt”, you knew we had that one!! I don’t know about you, but most of the time, a soft pat on the butt is comforting and only good comes from said pats. From that point on, the game changed.

Hey Sporano, you don’t call time out when the clock has to run-this isn’t college-it doesn't stop for a reason!!...but thanks for giving us another time out by using yours with 5 seconds left. Bet the school of “Parcells” where you learned your coaching acumen didn’t teach you to put the pressure on your own team, but instead to direct it to the other team. Wonder what the Miami papers say today about that decision…something like….”Did Ricky Slip Tony some of his stuff??”,,, but thanks again by the way!!

I wish I could have been there-but I had representation there. My brother in law and 7 others were on his bachelor party trip- a trip that in the second quarter had them running down for their 5th beer of the game and had them asking themselves…”Is this really happening…and more importantly….are we here or are we still hung-over from the night before and dreaming this??”…. then later, after a 22 point 4th quarter and a show of force of sheer resilience and gestational fortitude-that would be GUTS to those in Miami, our Saints prevailed and I received some interesting texts msgs such as “Who Dat… what a game….. Fins fans crying… in parking lot and looks like Mardi Gras with all the Saints fans!”

Note to Bill Parcells “Bill, don’t put the Saints on the schedule. Not only do we party before, during, and after the game as if it were Mardi Gras, don’t you realize that in Louisiana, “Fish Fry’s” are as common as say you eating too much!!”….two words for you Bill, Jenny Craig!!!